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Free ASVAB Test Online

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Arithmetic Reasoning 36 minutes - 30 questions
Measures ability to solve arithmetic word problems

Sample Question:

The computer technologist can type 80 words per minute on her word processor. How many minutes will it take her to type a report containing 760


Word Knowledge 11 minutes - 35 questions
Measures ability to select the correct meaning of words presented in context, and identify synonyms

Sample Question:

To cauterize most nearly means


Paragraph Comprehension 13 minutes -15 questions
Measures ability to obtain information from written material

Sample Question:

Waves are described in terms of their height, wave-length, and period. “Height” is the vertical distance between the high point of a wave crest and the low point of the adjacent trough. “Wave-length” is the distance from one crest to the next, and “period” is the time it takes two adjacent crests to pass a fixed point, such as the end of a pier. The mathematics of wave theories are usually concerned with relationships between these and related characteristics.

The passage best supports the statement that waves

a. flow in the ocean. b. can be described by their characteristics. c. have a high trough. d. are a major mathematical calculation.


Mathematics Knowledge 24 minutes - 25 questions
Measures knowledge of high school mathematics principles

Sample Question:

Find the circumference of a circle whose diameter measures 10 inches. Use pi=3.14


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